Top 8 Malware Removal Tools For Windows PC (Software tips)

By | November 7, 2016

Looking for best malware removal tools for PC? It doesn’t matter how techie you are, a small program or exe file is enough to cause some serious damage to your Windows experience. Unfortunately Windows PC/ Laptops are prone to malwares, spywares.

malware removal tools

Windows PC despite being easy, cheap and give great performance have lots of vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit and ruin your windows experience.

Usually malwares are installed if we download softwares from illegal websites. These websites usually ask us to download a program to unlock content and it can auto run dangerous programs. So in order to avoid this always do not download content from unverified sites.

Thankfully there are many useful malware removal tools which we can use and get rid of malwares, spywares. We have also shared malware removal tips so do follow those tips.

You should regularly keep track of activities and check if any malwares or threats are detected. You should be proactive in removing these threats from your PC. Lets go through the list of best malware removal tools for PC.

Malware Removal Tools & Softwares for PC (Windows)

8. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a malware removal software by Microsoft. It is a very light weight software and works like charm. Before scanning you need to download updates which have latest malware definitions. It is useful and can help to remove dangerous malware from PC.

7. Spybot Antimalware


Spybot comes with anti-malware and anti spyware features so that you are safe from spyware softwares like keyloggers.

Spybot detects malware quickly and destroys them instantly. It is free for private users. You can install a paid version as well if you want to install it on multiple PC’s.

6. Panda Free Antivirus 2017


Panda is a lightweight software which is free for 1 month. It will help you to block unwanted programs or apps from downloading. It will improve your computer’s speed.

Apart from these features you will get safe browsing and data protection.

5. KasperSky Internet Security


KasperSky Internet Security is one of the oldest players. It is very useful to remove malwares. It also provides security while internet banking, safeguards kids with parental control. Keeps your personal information safe.

It is available for PC, Mac and Android.

4. AVG Antivirus 2016

malware removal tools

AVG is a very useful antivirus software. It is also a very popular one. It keeps you away from malware threats and apart from that it helps with email protection, unsafe links, file shredder.

AVG is also available for your android or ios smartphones. So to get a cleaner and faster PC you should download avg on your machine.

3. Zemana Antimalware


I have personally tried Zemana Antimalware and it will very useful software, it helped me to get rid of many dangerous malwares which were installed when I downloaded some softwares.

It will also get rid of adwares and spywares. It is a cloud based AV tool with it’s own database signatures. It is cheaper as compared to Hitman Pro you can get a free trial for 15 days after that you need to pay monthly $20 per month.

2. Hitman Pro

hitman pro

Hitman Pro is simple software to remove malwares. Hitman Pro requires to be updated frequently in order to detect new gen malwares. You can run Hitman Pro along with other anti-malware softwares. It is free for only 30 days after that you need to pay $24.95 monthly.

It is still better to remove malwares from pc. Before removing files it will let you choose whether you want to delete files you need to check carefully as it may delete registry files as well.

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is an effective and best tool to remove malware from your pc. It is safe to use Malwarebytes along with other antivirus softwares. I happen to have Windows Defender and it doesn’t cause any issues just make sure you don’t run two softwares simultaneously. It is very easy you can set your own setting and start scan.

Malwarebytes provides on demand scan, realtime scanning. It can be used for both business and home users. You can also opt for premium version. The basic version is good as well. You will be surprised at the end of the scan you will find many malwares which were not detected. So it means malwarebytes is very effective.


It is very important to take care of our PC and constantly check if new malwares are detected. So we just gave you 8 malware removal tools. You can choose whichever you feel is best. According to our editorial team we believe malwarebytes is the best.

I hope you guys found this article useful and you are able to get rid of malwares and viruses. If you want more such posts please share this post.