How To Calibrate iPhone Battery Life For Long Lasting Performance

By | October 29, 2016

Following is the guide to calibrate iPhone battery to get maximum performance. I am assuming you have recently bought an iPhone and you have battery issues. Well it can be really frustrating to see this issue on your new iPhone.

I had a similar experience with my new week old iPhone 6s and found out by calibrating iPhone battery you can get great battery life and accurate battery stats.

What good is an iPhone if it’s battery can’t last longer? You need to check if your battery drains continuously for no reason and  if thats the case then you can apply the battery calibration tips or visit Apple store if this solution doesn’t work.

Calibrate iPhone Battery

Why to Calibrate iPhone battery?

Battery calibration is essentially important to help iOS calculate range of battery life. If your battery drains after every few minutes without usage then it means that it is not calibrated or battery is faulty. Calibration also helps us understand if battery is faulty or not.

Here’s a simple science iPhone batteries are made of Lithium-ion. According to Apple Lithium-ion batteries compared to tradition batteries charge more faster and last longer.

Now if we drain and recharge our battery periodically it helps maintain the flow of ions moving in the battery. Batteries require constant usage if you don’t charge your iPhone your battery will be damaged.

I am going to share my friends experience on this, he bought a brand new iPhone 5s and he allowed to drain battery completely and then charged to 100% and then started using again that means he calibrated his iPhone’s battery, however he didn’t get sufficient battery juice, his battery performance kept diminishing without usage.

He even complained that while he switched off his iPhone in the night and turned on the next day he experienced battery drop by 20%, isn’t this strange on a new iPhone. So this can happen to anyone he without wasting anytime went to Apple Store and got iPhone replace reason faulty battery.

In this scenario he calibrated his battery however he still experienced issues and the reason was faulty battery.

When to calibrate iPhone battery?

You need to calibrate your iPhone every month to get long-lasting battery life. Secondly I hope you update to latest iOS version every month then you need to see if new iOS update has any adverse effect on your battery if yes then calibrate it without wasting time.

How to calibrate iPhone battery

Step 1

Use your iPhone until it is shut off completely. To shut it off faster you can continuously turn on flash light, play music, shoot video.

Step 2

Allow your battery to drain further keep it like that for couple of hours more.

Step 3

Now put your iPhone for charging and it will power up automatically. After it powers up press the wake/sleep button and slide to power off. This will turn off your phone.

Step 4

Let it charge completely don’t break the cycle. Keep it for charging for another three to four hours. Now to check if your iPhone is charged completely press the sleep/wake button and wait till your iPhone boots up. Check if your battery is charged 100%.

Step 5

Once your iPhone boots up, press home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously and wait for 10 sec till you see Apple Logo.

Step 6

Once your iPhone powers up again you can turn off the charging and you have calibrated your iPhone successfully.


We have implemented this method on our end and it is really effective and recommended. You can try it as well to get maximum battery life remember don’t overdo battery calibration as this may damage your battery. Once a month is suffice.