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Simple Login Form in CodeIgniter, MySQL and Bootstrap

In this tutorial we will see simple Login form in CodeIgniter, MySQL and bootstrap. CodeIgniter is a very popular PHP framework. We have also covered a nice CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners. We had previously covered simple login system with CodeIgniter however today we will share using Twitter Bootstrap. We have improved our UI thanks to… Read More »

How To Convert JSON To Array using PHP

Today we will see how to convert json to array using PHP inbuild function. Many times in our project we have a requirement to convert json string to array or we may need to convert array to json data. We will cover both using PHP. In the follow up tutorial we will also cover using… Read More »

CodeIgniter Tutorials for Beginners: Getting Started Step by step

Hi, in this post we are going to cover Codeginiter tutorials for beginners. Codeigniter is a widely used MVC (Model view controller) framework in PHP. PHP has various frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is a very simple framework which is widely used by Web developers. We will cover some of the important concepts in… Read More »

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How to Use Join Query In CodeIgniter Example

In this post we are going to see how to use Join Query in CodeIgniter. We have covered two examples one which joins two tables in codeigniter and another with three tables. In our previous tutorial we covered ajax registration in codeigniter. We generally use JOINS concept when we need to fetch records from multiple tables… Read More »

Ajax Registration Form In CodeIgniter with MySQL

In today’s post we are going to check ajax registration form in codeigniter. Codeigniter is one of the best open source php framework for building robust web applications. Any Web Application needs a good registration system so we decided to share simple registration system using Ajax in Codeigniter. We are going to use very simple… Read More »