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By | October 2, 2016

Google Allo Apk: Google Allo is the new Google’s search assistance and messaging app and has taken everyone by surprise. With the improvements in AI Artificial Intelligence technologies tech giant google has launched it’s Flagship search assistant. Now Apple already has Siri a voice assistance, however Allo is bit different than Siri, unlike Siri Allo cannot talk with you, it is a chat bot that can answer to your questions but it cannot speak. In coming days with upgrades we can expect Allo to talk with you. If rumors are true then you can expect Allo to be your speaking assistant on Google’s new Phone Pixel which will be re branded from Nexus.

google allo apk

Now lets talk about Google Allo Apk for android and ios.

Google Allo Apk for Android download

Currently Google Allo is not supported in many regions, if you are lucky you can download it from the playstore or Apple store itself however if you are not able to locate the app on the respective stores then you can try an alternate method.

Visit Apkmirror Allo page, here you will find strictly Android App files. After visiting the page you download the apk file on your Computer. You can then transfer the file from your PC to android phone. Then you can install the apk file and you will be able to use Google Allo on your android devices.

Google Allo app for iOS download

In order to download Google Allo you need to have App store app on your iPhone, iPad. If not then you can download App store however app store comes by default with the ios devices. If you have app store on your iOS then search for Google Allo and tap on GET. It will then download and install Allo on your iOS device.

Google Allo size currently on iOS is 55.1 MB, and is compatible with iOS 9.1 and later. If you are using older version of iOS then please upgrade to latest one. Latest iOS version is iOS 10.

Features of Google Allo

Say hello to smart reply’s you can now respond to any messages without using a single word, since it’s a Machine learning and AI tool it learns over time and suggests appropriate texts while replying without tying a single word.


  • You can now get more creative by doodling text.


  • Google Allo has over a million stickers. If you are a fan of stickers then you are going to love vivid range of stickers no need to type text old way express yourself with stickers.

Shout or whisper

  • You can now change the text depending on the intensity of your voice. Yes that is the amazing feature it can recognize your voice if your voice is load text font will be large and vice versa.

Personal Assistant

  • You can search nearby coffee shops or restaurants, share videos with your Personal assistant. Currently it is only available in English language.

Incognito mode

  • Google Allo is secured just like Whatsapp. It has end to end encryption method, so it keeps your personal chats private.

Download Google Allo Apk File

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