Google Reverse Image search for android, iphone Smartphones

By | October 14, 2016

Google reverse image search is one hot feature on Google search engine. Have you ever wondered about how to get related images from an image itself? Well it is possible, thanks to the Google’s Engineering team they have this feature in their search engine. You can do that by uploading an image from your computer (local drive) and it will come up with different dimensions of the same image, isn’t that cool?

Google Reverse Image search

It is a very handy feature since you can easily get the origin of the picture. If you happen to find the origin of article from an image you will easily get the detail information about the source. This feature is useful for all.

What is Google reverse image search?

  • Search Pictures instead of words to get search results.
  • Get the origin of the image and get various dimensions of the image.

The term is similar to reverse engineering wherein; we examine and analyze the components before coming to the conclusion, here google has made it easier for us instead of searching words search using an image. It is currently supported on various browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google Reverse Image search on Desktop

  • To do a Google reverse image search you can go to Google Image search.
  • After visiting the site simply drag an image from your computer to the camera icon on google’s site.
  • Thats it. It will now come up with the search results.

How do I Google Reverse Image search for Android or iOS Devices?

To perform reverse image search on your smartphone you can download browser app or use your default browsers. In the case of iPhone you can use Safari and Google Chrome in Android phone or tablet.

Simply visit google image search and click on the camera icon it will then either ask you to paste the image url or you can upload the image from your android or ios device. After uploading your can get the results.

I hope you found this useful. If you didn’t knew about this already then do let us know in comments and also share this post. And one more thing don’t forget to request access to Google for accessing your image gallery without that you won’t be able to get results.