Codeigniter Insert, Update, Delete, Select Using MySQL and Bootstrap

Codeigniter is getting very popular thanks to it’s features today we will see codeigniter insert, update, delete and select with the help of MySQL for storing details. These are important features of any operations. Using CRUD in codeigniter you can do anything is Web Application development. For designing our form we will use Twitter bootstrap. In… Read More »

Codeigniter User Registration Form with MySQL, Bootstrap

In this tutorial we will cover User registration Form using Codeginiter. We had previously covered Codeigniter Login System. So today we decided we will share codeigniter user registration tutorial. Codeigniter is one of the most popular frameworks in PHP. It makes web development very simpler and is open source. For this tutorial we will simply use… Read More »

Codeigniter Image Upload on Server Code Tutorial

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Top 25 Best Movie Streaming Sites 2017 To Watch Free Movies Online

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PHP Login and Registration System Using PDO Connection

In our previous tutorial we explained how to implement Simple Login System using PHP and MySQL In today’s tutorial we will check more secure method for Login and registration system using PDO connection. It can be used while working with different database systems like Oracle, ,MySQL, Postgre SQL. For this tutorial we will use MySQL. It… Read More »

Simple PHP File Upload Script & Tutorial

Today in this article we are going to share PHP file upload script. In many application we need to upload files. File uploading can be done easily in PHP. We will use global variable $_FILES[] and also use in build function move_uploaded_files(). Using this we can easily ask user to upload file to the folder. We… Read More »

Select, Insert, Update And Delete with PDO MySQL

In today’s post we will cover Simple select, insert, update and delete with PDO MySQL (CRUD) . Many developers these days prefer using PDO for CRUD operations as compared to older method. Using PDO we will have more security because it has better password encryption. PDO gives us portability to use different database systems. For this tutorial we… Read More »