How to Send Tweet From Command Line using Python

By | June 29, 2016

Recently I have been obsessed with command line with Python and came across lots of cool things that you can do with Python. You can even Tweet from command line using Python. In order to send tweet from command line we need to use Twython which is Python wrapper for Twitter API. With just eight lines of code we don’t need to visit to post a tweet.

tweet from command line using python

Tweet From Command Line Using Python

Firstly you need to create a new app on twitter.

create application

Once you do that you will be redirected to application management here you can find the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret).

tweet from command line using python

These keys are secret and are not to be shared publicly. Now that you have your keys simply use the keys in the Code below.

from twython import Twython

APP_KEY = 'key' # Customer Key here
APP_SECRET = 'secret key' # Customer secret here
OAUTH_TOKEN = 'access token' # Access Token here
OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = 'token secret' # Access Token Secret here


var_status=raw_input('enter your tweet'); #accepts input you can type your tweet
twitter.update_status(status=var_status); #you can check twitter to see your tweet live 

Note: You need to create your access token without it you may not be able to get Token and token secret

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Give any name to your file suppose is the file name. Run this file in the command line and you can send the tweet from command line. I guess it was simple tutorial. There are lots of amazing things you can do with Python. Keep visiting we will share more such tutorials in the coming few days.